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Gynecomastia Surgery/Removal

Gynecomastia Removal

The next step after preparation is the actual reduction of the man boobs. This step will vary from patient to patient because everyone has his own unique circumstances which will affect the treatment procedures.

The procedure will also vary depending on the form of gynecomastia that you have. Let’s take a look at the removal process for the two most common methods of removing the excess tissue from the chest.

The first method involves hormonal therapy where you will be given anti-estrogen to counter the harmful effects of excessive estrogen in your body. This option only works in very few cases when treatment has been sought early. You will be given medication that you will take home and take over a period depending on the amount of tissue present on your chest.

The other method is removing the excess tissue surgically. This is more popular owing to the higher chances of success with all forms of gynecomastia. The surgery is done under general anesthesia, which means that you will be asleep while it is being done.

The process will take between 90 minutes and four hours again depending on the amount of tissue to be removed. You may be asked to stay in the hospital for a night after the operation, though most people are discharged immediately after the operation.

Before starting, the surgeon will show you the areas where they will cut in the operation just to give you an idea of what you will look like after the operation. With your permission, they might also take confidential photos of your chest to make before and after images for your records.

The surgeries will usually start with moving the nipple to its new position without affecting its blood supply. If you have extremely large gynecomastia, the nipples will be repositioned as a skin graft and they will develop their own blood supply naturally. Excess breast tissue is then removed and the remaining tissue reshaped to give you a manly look.

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