How long does it take to recover after male breast reduction surgery?

Male breast reduction surgery, or gynecomastia surgery, is a surgery that helps to reduce the size of the breasts for males.

The surgery needs to be performed by an experienced surgeon who is familiar with this procedure, as this will ensure a quick recovery after the male breast reduction surgery. The surgical procedure is usually performed under general anesthetic.

It is essential that you are provided with important after care advice by your surgeon to give you a safe and quick recovery after the surgery.You will be given advice around wound care, how soon you can move and do exercise as well as how to best care for your body after the surgery.

Male breast surgery recovery times

It usually will take 2 weeks to begin to recover from your male breast reduction surgery. After this 2-week period, you can usually start very light activity and movement – however it is important to be guided by your experienced doctor as to what you can start doing and when. Thereafter it is usually around 4 – 6 weeks that you will be almost fully recovered and slowly getting back to your activities.

For the first few days after your surgery it is important that you are resting completely to ensure your wound heals adequately and that your healing process doesn’t get disrupted. You will initially feel some tightness, bruising and swelling after your surgery around the surgical site, and this is normal. Gradually over the first week this will start to lessen. It is important to listen to your body and not do too much in these initial stages of healing.

Keep your wound site clean and dry, and wear comfortable clothing that won’t irritate or be too tight around your wound site. It is essential to wear the comfortable compression garment or bandages you are given post-surgery. This helps to decrease swelling and bruising around your wound site.

You will have a follow up appointment with your doctor where your stitches will be removed and your wound will be examined. Your doctor will also advise you further about recovery advice that is specific to you and your lifestyle and recovery.

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