Gynecomastia in Bangalore And its Real Causes

For quite some time gynecomastia had been a medical mystery but thanks to the advancement in technology it is now quite easy to pinpoint the cause of gynecomastia. Nonetheless, gynecomastia is not caused by one single condition but it is caused by a number of reasons.

Usually, the main culprit in causing gynecomastia is the increase in oestrogen hormone levels in a male person. Naturally every male person has a certain level of oestrogen and testosterone hormones.

However, for men, the testosterone levels are usually higher than the oestrogen levels making this hormone the dominant. Testosterone hormone being the dominant hormone brings about male features and characteristics such as the growth of facial hair and deep voices.

On the other hand, a man suffering from gynecomastia will have his oestrogen hormone level higher than testosterone hormone. This thus brings about an imbalance with the oestrogen triggering feminine changes with the most visible change being increased breast tissues.

Excess oestrogen in the male body is the main cause of gynecomastia whether for a baby, a teenager or an adult male. All other causes of gynecomastia (sometimes spelled as gynaecomastia)or man boobs are closely tied to this hormone oestrogen and the imbalance between the oestrogen and testosterone levels in a male person.

Other main causes of gynecomastia also include:

Use of Steroids

It is quite common to see a number of body builders having protruding breasts. This is because a number of these athletes use steroids to enhance the growth of muscles and a well-toned and athletic body.

However, steroids work by altering the hormone levels in the body. Unfortunately, in this case, steroids tilt the hormone concentration towards oestrogen and hence the person will have more of the oestrogen hormones which triggers the growth of breast tissue.

Once these breasts tissues have grown they persist long after the person has stopped using steroids. It is also not easy to lose this tissue and the best way would be to seek gynecomastia surgery in Bangalore.

Abuse of drugs

Studies indicate that about twenty to twenty-five percent of gynecomastia cases can be tracked down to some specific use of drugs and even abuse of drugs. Drugs like heroin and cocaine are known to tamper with the hormone levels triggering the release of more oestrogen in men. This leads in the development of feminine features such as breast tissues.

However, there are also quite a number of medicinal drugs that also affect the hormone levels. These drugs might cause an increase in oestrogen levels causing gynecomastia. In such a situation it is better to seek gynecomastia surgery in Bangalore as a remedy.


A good percentage of gynecomastia(sometimes spelled as gynaecomastia) cases have no apparent causes that can be tracked down and so they are classified under idiopathic causes. This simply means that there is no real evidence of a particular cause and there is no scientific research to support any theory. However, the medical industry is evolving and more and more is being discovered about gynecomastia.

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